Wednesday, December 31, 2008


yesterday i got 9 red shiny apples..
after trying hard climbing the apple tree..
searching for the best apple i could get..
and among the 9 apples...

7 apples were sweet like honey..
they were so nice that i wouldn't regret to accept them..
those apples makes me really happy..
and also cheers me up after trying so hard...

1 apple was just like a normal apple...
not so sweet, and not sour..
just fine to eat...
and i'll just take it..

the last apple was abit sour..
i don't really liked this sour apple...
it makes me feel bad..
this apple should be better..

but what can i do?
i can only sit here and accept all of the apples..
complaining is not a good solution..
next time i'd try again..
finding better apples..
till then...